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6 tips for writing an effective vacation rental listing description

by Grace Carter

Grace Carter is a tech writer at Paper Fellows and OXEssays services. She works with a team of developers and integrates this experience with the marketing department. Also, Grace teaches creative writing at Big Assignments academic portal. Today’s short-term rental market can be very crowded, so you’ll need to be clever and thoughtful with your […]


10 ways to increase your vacation rental earnings

by Darina Murashev

Darina Murashev is a freelance writer from Chicago based in Salt Lake City. She writes about home maintenance, relocation, and big lifestyle changes. She enjoys travel, live music, and spending time in the great outdoors. As the popularity of the rental booking app market continues to grow, more people than ever are turning their vacation properties […]


How to get more renters through your own website

by Roger Timbrook

Roger Timbrook is a freelance web designer who focuses on improving people’s websites. When not staring at his screen fixing websites you can find him traveling the world and writing about it on his travel blog.   Having your own website is a great start to reaching more people and getting more renters. However, if […]


Technology in the hospitality industry: What it means for VRMCs

by The Hostfully Team

A lot is changing in the hospitality and vacation rental industries over the past decade. We’ve seen the advent of short-term rental platforms, smart home devices, the rise of guest experience, the importance of local recommendations, and so much more. Technology in the hospitality industry continues to move at seemingly break-neck speed. At times, it […]


10 vacation rental perks today’s travelers look for

by Alex Haslam

About the author: Alex Haslam is a freelance writer who focuses on connectivity — finding ways to use technology to enhance the beauty and convenience of our entertainment, relationships, and living spaces. She spends her free time playing music, watching movies, and traveling anywhere she can.   If you made a goal in 2018 to […]


Launch announcement: 2018 Global Report on Hospitality in Vacation Rentals Survey

by The Hostfully team

In 2017,  the first-ever Global Report on Hospitality Trends in Vacation Rentals was published  by Hostfully. Based on a dataset from more than 50 vacation rental managers in 80 countries, it shared the latest trends and sentiments about hospitality in vacation rentals, including industry benchmarks and best practices.   The report also featured interviews with […]


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