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Has social media negatively impacted the hospitality industry?

by Lauren Nowack

Lauren Nowack is a trekbible writer and story maker from Pine Valley, California. She and her husband work in the recreation department at a camp. In their free time, they enjoy mountain biking, building out their Sprinter van, and adventuring with their puppy, Shadow.   There is no disputing that social media, whether that is […]


Technology in the hospitality industry: What it means for VRMCs

by The Hostfully Team

A lot is changing in the hospitality and vacation rental industries over the past decade. We’ve seen the advent of short-term rental platforms, smart home devices, the rise of guest experience, the importance of local recommendations, and so much more. Technology in the hospitality industry continues to move at seemingly break-neck speed. At times, it […]


10 vacation rental perks today’s travelers look for

by Alex Haslam

About the author: Alex Haslam is a freelance writer who focuses on connectivity — finding ways to use technology to enhance the beauty and convenience of our entertainment, relationships, and living spaces. She spends her free time playing music, watching movies, and traveling anywhere she can.   If you made a goal in 2018 to […]


Launch announcement: 2018 Global Report on Hospitality in Vacation Rentals Survey

by The Hostfully team

In 2017,  the first-ever Global Report on Hospitality Trends in Vacation Rentals was published  by Hostfully. Based on a dataset from more than 50 vacation rental managers in 80 countries, it shared the latest trends and sentiments about hospitality in vacation rentals, including industry benchmarks and best practices.   The report also featured interviews with […]


10 Ways to Attract More Canadian Travellers and Grow Your Bookings

by CanadaStays

As many of you already know, Canadians love to travel! According to Expedia Media Solutions’ 2017 North American Travel & Tourism Trend Report, Canadians take an average of 2.8 trips per year, and travel a little more internationally (59%) than domestically (41%). And when it comes to Canadian travel, there’s more than one ‘peak’ season […]


Is it Airbnb or hotels for millennials: Millennial Airbnb trends

by Michael Brown

Michael is a Research Analyst at LendEDU, a personal finance company. In his role, Michael works hands-on with polling data to tell unique stories. Some of Michael’s favorite hobbies include going to major horse races, hiking with his dog, and re-watching Game of Thrones.   Millennials are the driving force behind a slow but steady […]


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