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How much do vacation rental companies really spend on software?

by Margot Schmorak

It’s the $15B question Download the 2018 Market Sizing Study on Sofware in Vacation Rentals When I talk to industry outsiders, I spend a lot of time explaining how Hostfully is different from Airbnb. Not knowing the difference between a bookings platform, communications platform, and property management software a might seem laughable to industry insiders. […]


New vacation rental study highlights hospitality industry trends

by The Hostfully Team

Hostfully has just released a report highlighting hospitality trends in the vacation rental industry. The report, “The X Factor in Vacation Rental Travel: Hospitality,” consists of a survey and interviews with 60 vacation rental managers, and data from over 4000 vacation rental properties. Highlights from the report include the need for better vacation rental management tools, a growing […]


Booking the right Airbnb guests? Tips to protect your space & attract great guests

by Veronica Tercan — author of the The Accidental Airbnb Host

You’ve seen the headlines: Unauthorized house parties with hundreds of partygoers. Thousands and thousands of dollars in property damages. At times, even the most diligent Airbnb hosts occasionally let the wrong guests slip through the cracks and into their cherished rental. Fortunately, Airbnb has built in multiple features to help you screen guests before they […]


Top 10 tips for finding a great property manager for your Airbnb or vacation rental

by Rian Chapman — Founder at airhosta

So you’ve got an Airbnb or a Vacation Rental. But you realized you don’t have the time to run it as well as well as you’d like. Or perhaps you’ve realized it takes a lot more expertise than you’ve got to make it really work and get great reviews. What do you do? You jump […]


2017 vacation rental key trends

by Andrew Martyn, CEO, Your.Rentals

Today we have an insightful trends report from Your.Rentals CEO Andrew Martyn. This contains some important tips to help vacation rental managers and hosts remain competitive and informed. Let’s get started! Vacation rentals are not just vacation rentals any more Over the past few years there has been a strong growth in urban short-term rentals, which has fueled […]


Short term rental property management: Will it work for you?

by The Hostfully Team

If you’ve already joined the fast-growing group of vacation rental property owners, the question that keeps coming to mind is typically: how can I properly manage the property while still valuing my time?. Whether you rent out on Airbnb, Homeaway, VRBO, or the myriad of other platforms out there, renting out your property to vacationing […]


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