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Airbnb top 10 bonus amenities for 2018

by Mike Jacobsen

Mike Jacobsen is a San Diego Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and the Founder of It’s Borrowed for Short Term Rentals. It’s Borrowed gives hosts a platform to rent bonus amenities like bikes, cribs and games from their own inventory to their guests, creating an amazing stay. App store. If there is a fee […]


Social media for your vacation rental: should you try it?

by Darina Murashev

Darina Murashev is a freelance writer from Chicago based in Salt Lake City. She writes about tech, money, career building and data science. She enjoys travel, live music, and spending time in the great outdoors.   When you list your house as a rental on a home-sharing website like AirBnB, they do most of the […]


Is it Airbnb or hotels for millennials: Millennial Airbnb trends

by Michael Brown

Michael is a Research Analyst at LendEDU, a personal finance company. In his role, Michael works hands-on with polling data to tell unique stories. Some of Michael’s favorite hobbies include going to major horse races, hiking with his dog, and re-watching Game of Thrones.   Millennials are the driving force behind a slow but steady […]


How much do vacation rental companies really spend on software?

by Margot Schmorak

It’s the $15B question Download the 2018 Market Sizing Study on Sofware in Vacation Rentals When I talk to industry outsiders, I spend a lot of time explaining how Hostfully is different from Airbnb. Not knowing the difference between a bookings platform, communications platform, and property management software a might seem laughable to industry insiders. […]


Adventuring and enjoying life in the “Mile-High” city

by The Hostfully Team

Hostfully Host Spotlight: Charley Silverman Living in Denver is all that it’s cracked up to be, according to Charley Silverman. In its essence, Denver has that small city charms, and enjoys the big city perks! Quiet living is there for those who want it, and if you’re into big events and social gatherings, Denver’s got […]


Airbnb hosting checklist: The authoritative guide

by The Hostfully Team

Airbnb has taken the travel world by storm. They now have over 3 million listings worldwide; and chances are you’re one of them.   That’s great! Being an Airbnb host has many positive impacts for you, not the least of which is to meet people from all around the globe and earn supplemental income.   […]


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