New vacation rental study highlights hospitality industry trends

Read the comprehensive 2017 report about hospitality in vacation rentals.


6 things to learn from successful property managers

by Becky Holton

Becky Holton is a real expert in education. She has been working as a journalist for 7 years. She is a successful blogger who writes about education technologies, tips for improving job skills, and marketing. Follow her on Twitter.   A property manager is the highest rank in a property management business. Since the real […]


Master these 3 basics and boost bookings for your holiday cottage

by Dakota Murphey

Dakota Murphey has experience in property management with her portfolio of properties expanding in the South of England. Her passion for renovation projects is shared through her writing to help educate and inspire others. Are you in the holiday lettings business, with a self-catering cottage in the countryside that you’re renting out to holidaymakers in […]


6 tips for writing an effective vacation rental listing description

by Grace Carter

Grace Carter is a tech writer at Paper Fellows and OXEssays services. She works with a team of developers and integrates this experience with the marketing department. Also, Grace teaches creative writing at Big Assignments academic portal. Today’s short-term rental market can be very crowded, so you’ll need to be clever and thoughtful with your […]


Hostfully and Virtual Concierge Service partner to provide a single platform for voice access and digital guidebooks for vacation rentals

by Hostfully Team

Today Hostfully and Virtual Concierge Service (VCS) announced a partnership that will connect the Hostfully guidebook platform to VCS’ voice technology. Travelers will be able to access property details and local recommendations through mobile, desktop, print, and voice. Voice access to digital guidebooks completes the set of access points that guests need to have a […]


It’s the little things: what your vacationers are noticing that you aren’t

by Hilary Bird

Hilary Bird is a digital journalist who writes about the things that fascinate her the most: relationships, technology, and traveling – and how they all impact each other. She is an avid writer for multiple tech and lifestyle publications, including VentureBeat, MediaPost, and The Sociable.   As a vacation rental manager, you understand how important […]


4 must have qualities to look for a property manager

by Selena Walkere

 Selena Walkere is a London-based professional writer who works with Alexander & Co. Selena loves to share her knowledge about the latest trends and investment techniques in the local real estate market which helps home buyers and sellers.   It’s not just you who is worried about hiring the right property manager. Even property management […]


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